K-12 Special Populations

Please use this space to add learning objectives, lesson plans, and web resources relevant to special populations, such as hispanic students, tribal students, etc.
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This is a lesson I use when I cover indigenous peoples. It is a lesson on the Guarani.

Name_ Guarani Activity, Ms. Anson

1. Go to: http://www.survival-international.org/tribes/guarani

2. Read the introduction to the Guarani. Answer these questions in your own words:
• How do they live?
• What problems do they face?

3. Then, click on the link at the bottom: “The Guarani in Pictures”. Looking through all of the photos, what have you concluded about this culture? What are the people like? How do they dress? What might they do? What might they believe in?

4. Now, return to the original page and go to the bottom of the page where it says “News form the Guarani.” Answer the following:

o What has happened to the tribe in recent years?
o Select current three articles and summarize the issues faced by Guarani people.

5. Finally, go to an anthropology encyclopedia or use online. Find out the following information:
• What did the Spanish & Portuguese do to the Guarani people and their beliefs?
• What are their religion and rites of passage like?
• What is the traditional family like and how do they live?
• What do they do in their free time?